Hello from H2O

Hopkins House, Onancock-(H2O) It’s our home on the eastern shoreVirginia. Built in 1820 of cypress and pine, this stately home is a queen of the town.

H2O Is the bottom left spot. It is home base for my explorations on the shore.

Cynthia and I moved here during hurricane Isabel in 2003 from a home on Muddy Creek, about 30 miles north in Bloxom.

Christmas Lady

Our home is a reflection of our shared interest in history; and a deep connection to the past. Cynthia is an equestrian; and is very passionate about George and Patrick, the Irish Draught horses that are our children. George is retired, but Patrick is actively competed on the eventing circuit. More to come on the subject of horses.

This blog is intended to provide an outlet to share our lives, and to share my passion for the Chesapeake. Together, we shall explore this land that has remain largely unchanged in the last 200 years.

Published by BaySider

Onancock native who wants to share the shore.

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